Sunday, May 29, 2011

Photo love

Hi y'all,
Hope you are enjoying the bank holiday weekend. We are having a lazy Sunday, mostly because the weather can't seem to make its mind up, so we are mostly alternating between tidying and chilling.

Thought as I had a spare moment I'd pop on to share a couple more layouts I've completed this week:

This is another shot taken on our recent girly weekend away, and another I just love.

This is of Alex playing at a friend's house last year. I love this photo, although I can't believe how much he has grown since then!

I also found time to make a quick photo montage for the landing wall, it's looking lovely and bright up the stairs now, happy happy :)

Ok, gonna pick up my knitting seeing as there's not much else going on round here! I've started a cute little summer top and I really want to finish it soon so I can wear it while it's still warm. It's 4-ply though and the first time I've used such slim yarn so we will see!


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