Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Finishing what I started (for once)

Ok, admission time. I keep casting on projects and never finish them. There, I said it. I'm a horrible person, wail!

So I even surprised myself when yesterday, instead of stealing the interchangeable needles from one hibernating project to start another, I actually vowed to finish first then move on to something new. And so far so good.

This was meant to be a runner for the bottom of my bed, but I've now decided to stick to the actual pattern plan of making a baby blanket. And who better to become the lucky recipient of all my hard work (and not to mention lovely, now discontinued yarn!) than my sister, who is expecting my first nephew, yay!

And once the blanket is long enough to fit the bedside crib I have for her, cast off and perfectly blocked, I will be able to cast on the luscious Bella's Mittens pattern on Ravelry. Yeah, I know I should be knitting Christmas presents fast and furiously to be in with any hope of finishing them all on time, but I think a quick 'me' project as a little reward for all my hard work is ok, don't you agree? :)


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