Thursday, November 02, 2006


That's my favourite word today. Wow! Not only is it a new word my son has learnt to say (and he says it in such an adorable way) but it was also my reaction to the two huge carrier bags of stash my mum brought back from Florida for me. I sent her with a little wish list to give her ideas for when buying me a present, and instead she just bought the whole lot! I think she quite enjoyed it though, well it is shopping after all! Here is a picture of everything I received stacked on my desk.

I am in awe! I haven't scrapped in almost a fortnight because of the holiday, but this has reallly got my creative juices flowing. I can't wait to try it all out, although I'm still at the admiring and stroking stage for the time being!

So what else is new? Not much, I've finally got sat down at my desk tonight and have almost finished one of the PDSA Clippykit cosmetic bags, which will be one of my middle sister's Christmas presents. It wasn't really top of my priority list, I still have Shimelle's project to finish and I want to make a start on my holiday album too, but as they just arrived in the post this morning and are so lovely I couldn't help myself! I'll post a picture as soon as it's done.

Better get back to it. Chow for now!

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