Sunday, November 12, 2006

What a weekend!

Well it's been a busy old weekend. Friday was quiet, well it was until my little sister came to stay for the weekend lol! We spent all night getting ready for the crop the next day, packing our stash and printing out pictures to scrap. The crop was a busy one this month and everyone had fun as always. Plus I actually managed to get some work done and made a great start on my holiday album using Ali Edward's brilliant sketch from

To date I've got 5 double pages done, so there's just 5 left to do as well as the cover and an introduction page. I started off quite slowly, and soon picked up speed, but I wish I had got more done as I'm acting up as news editor this week at work, which means harder work and longer hours, leaving less time to scrap on an evening. I'll get there though, I'm determined to finish this project as I'm enjoying it and it's looking great and I've promised myself I won't get bored of this one and let it slide!
I'm not going to post pictures yet as I want to post them all together once it's finished.

Today's UKS blog prompt is a good one: "Where do you find your inspiration? Especially when going through a dry spell? Do you remember a specific moment when a light bulb went on "click" and you knew you had to get home to scrap?! What common day objects do you now view with a scrappers eye?"

Well, I find my inspiration in the strangest of places sometimes. Just tonight we were looking for a film to watch when a trailer for a film called Pretty Persuasion inspired me. The ad was black and had gorgeous pink and white text and swirls. Most of the time, especially when I'm suffering from scrapper's block, I find inspiration in scrapping books (Elsie Flannigan's book is amazing for inspiration), magazines and online, whether it be a LO, a sketch or an ad. Every so often I will get an idea in my head for a LO and I'll be itching to get home and scrap it. That happened with my Things I Love LO (which I previously posted) and I was thrilled it came together on paper so well from my own original idea. I have the start of an idea in my mind for a holiday LO, combining hot blues and reds with a girly theme, which I can't wait to get started on. That idea came to me just as I was drifting to sleep one night and luckily I remembered it the next morning (I should have put it down on paper just in case!). I view so many common day objects with a scrapper's eye. I could be walking round the supermarket and my dh will see a biscuit tin but I will see a fab tin for altering and scrapping to my own style! He thinks I'm nuts, I think I'm inventive!

Right, well that's me for today, I'm off to get another page done and get an early night to prepare for a long week ahead. Catch you soon, I hope!

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