Thursday, October 17, 2013

FO Catch-up - Part 4

Welcome back to the fourth part of this week-long catch-up of recent knitted projects. There's a few to show you, and so I thought posting them one at a time would be slightly less annoying than one very long, very photo-heavy post!

This was such a fun knit - the cables were addictive! I love the texture and warmth of this, and this mostly lives at work so I can wrap up all warm and cosy but still look some-what stylish in my freezing cold office. I even learned a new skill knitting this - knitting cables without a cable needle. What a revelation! And I didn't even mind picking up the rib border. 

Back tomorrow for part 5 :)

Natalie x

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Anonymous said...

so glad your back blogging again really love hearing about your knitting wips and finished objects in detail :) xx