Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Scrummy Yarn Goodness!

I promised I'd be back with details and photos of my little Woolfest haul, and so here it is...

This is my favourite (I think!). It's Laal Bear Bounce Extra in Twiglight colourway (not sure if that should be twilight, but it says twiglight on the label!). I just love the mix of purples and blues {heart}, although I did not love the 5 hours it took to untangle the thing. Impatience and inexperience do not mix when winding skeins into balls I have learnt. Sigh. Oh well, I did it and it has now been cast on as the start of my Travelling Woman, yay!

This is the lace skein I told you about, in a lovely silvery grey but with little flecks of turquoise running through. It's Natural Born Dyers BFL Silk Laceweight in mudstones colourway. Luckily for me Naomi wound this one and didn't have any problems until right at the end, but my lovely husband sat and de-tangled it for me last night, bless him! I forgot to take photos of these two before I started winding (told you I was impatient!). I know I was going to use this for the Travelling Woman, but I forgot about the above skein and so this will be used for something similar but a little more delicate I think.

Another scrummy Laal Bear purchase, a little last minute before the coach headed back to Leeds as I had been trying to compare various shades and I did love this one the best. It's Laal Bear Razzle Dazzle (no link for that). Not sure what this will be for yet, it was just so pretty I just knew I had to have it!

This was a steal (no, not literally!) from a lady who will soon be closing her business {sad face}. It's Artesano 100% Alpaca 4-Ply in a lovely purple colour that matches the Laal Bear yarn I'm using for my Travelling Woman. The plan for these is to knit a matching hat and mitts for winter. And boy are these soooooo soft.

And some more alpaca (I know, bit of a theme going on here, but it just feels so lush!). This is UK Alpaca Alpaca Sock Yarn in a lovely slightly dusky pink colour (not as bright as in the photo). Again, no project lined up for this yet, but it was too much of a bargain to pass up. This was my first purchase of the day and actually, I must confess, these are the first skeins of wool I have ever bought. I know. I blame lack of choice and availability where I live and not yet appreciating the difference between these and cheap acrylic balls (I have been educated now, don't worry!)

And other than a couple of cables for my Knitpro interchangeable needles, these are the last of my goodies. A beautiful fat quarter of this cute Russian doll fabric which I just adore, and sweet matching buttons. I was going to use this for bag lining, but now I think I might make this into a little project bag so I can carry my current project without lugging my big bag round.

So that's it, I've probably waffled for long enough now, time for lunch and a spot of knitting me thinks. Back soon :)

N xXx


Anonymous said...

That fabric is ADORABLE! I love it, can't wait to see how you end up using it!

pinkundine said...

Excellent haul - I'm very jealous! I do love alpaca :)