Friday, June 10, 2011

10 things

Today I'm taking part in 10 things with - simply post 10 things every 10th of the month. Here are mine:

1 - day left until I go back to work, thank goodness. I love my boys but five days of just me Vs the two of them is more than enough!

2 - pairs of Lee Cooper jeans that arrived today by courier. Well, I live in my jeans, can never have too many jeans lol! And at £5 per pair they won't break the bank. :)

3 - weeks it has taken me to knit my lovely summer Razor Cami (see previous post), and probably the number of times I've stropped over finishing it too!

4 - number of Kaiser Chiefs tickets I snapped up today. They launched dates at a beautiful abbey just down the road, right by where I grew up. Two are for me and Gareth, two for my parents-in-law for their birthdays. I can't wait already!

5 - months until both the Sarahs Cards retreat and our next girly retreat to the lovely little cottage in the country - counting down the days already and just praying it doesn't snow like it did last November!

6 - months until Christmas! Am I allowed to mention the 'C' word yet? Oh, I just did lol!

7 - weeks until our little family holiday away. I'm all about the countdowns today aren't I?!

8 - days until pay day, can't come quick enough. Fingers crossed for an early Friday transaction!

9 - pages of items I want to knit in my Raveley queue. At the rate of one per month if I'm lucky, and several added each month, I fear I may never finish!

10 - the number of scrummy little toes I can see on Alex, who is currently asleep on the living room rug, bless 'im!


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furrypig said...

lots of things to look forward to in your list, love the ten toes very cute!