Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mega weekend

I have had such a fantastic weekend!

Saturday started very early to catch a coach from Baa Ram Ewe to Woolfest in the Lakes with Naomi, Rachel, Heather and a large bunch of other knitters. I was excited to this year have a decent budget and couldn't wait to invest in some quality skeins of wool and yarn. Squeal!

Love those sweet alpacas!

I was planning on sharing photos of my lovely purchases today, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait until later in the week because I let Naomi take them home - no I haven't list my mind! I was going straight out into Leeds and didn't want to carry my haul around city centre pubs and clubs lol!

And after we had a quick bite together at Wok In next door to Bas Ram Ewe - man we were so hungry by 8.30 when we got back!

And after a fantastic day shopping for scrummy yarn I went out with my crazy but fun group of friends to celebrate another big birthday - most of them are turning 30 this year (in fact it's hubby's turn in a fortnight!). I had a bit of catching up to do on the drinking front by the time I arrived but it wasn't too hard lol! I had a fab time and danced all those stir fry calories right off, finally getting home to bed about 4.30am - yikes! I had been up since 6am the day before! Hard core lol!

Here's hubby and his best mate getting a bit merry (and a bit bromantic if you ask me lol!)

And today we slept til noon (not surprising!) and went for a scrummy 2-4-1 lunch at Ask and a nosey round the shopping village in the glorious sunshine while the kids lived it up at the seaside with grandma and grandad - bliss!

Thank goodness I'm not on the early shift tomorrow, still an early night for me!

Promise I'll be back ASAP with a more crafty-related post - hope you all had a rocking weekend too :)


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