Friday, November 01, 2013

Holiday over, and now it's down to business!

Well I'm back from my travels. We had the most amazing time in Portugal, which is why I've not popped in here for the last week - we were just having way too much fun! Seriously, the Algarve is just so beautiful and we were really lucky with the weather - it was rainy for the first day (ok, slinging it down!), but we had glorious sunshine every day after that. I would highly recommend it.


Anyways, as I said, now it's back to business. And it really is, because while I've been away my wonderful Ravelry test knitters (that's you jayashankar, Imagsay, Lorak, saxynails, SnookiesOz, Irene123 and last but by no means least my lovely friend BiggBird) have been busy working away and putting the finishing touches to testing my hat pattern. And they have done an amazing job. Seeing my pattern come to life in all different sizes and colours has been so rewarding and made all the hard work worthwhile. Thank you so much to all of you.

So this means, this evening, I will be releasing my very first pattern for sale on Ravelry! Eeeeeeeeep! Excited much!

Would you like a sneak peek? Ok, go on then!

That's your lot for now! But if you check back this evening, you can be the first to see it live - and there's a discount available to those knitters who purchase it in the first week. :)

Right, I better go make the final preparations! Be back later!

Natalie x

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