Sunday, November 27, 2011

Two more

I have only managed two more layouts since yesterday - probably due to the fact I wasn't feeling creative yesterday and today I have the most painful sore throat and stonking cold. :(

Saying that I'm particularly pleased with the Kraft layout. I had been struggling with how to do this photo justice and this lovely paper I bought very recently turned out to be a perfect match to show colour but still allow the bright photo to be the focal point. I really like the result. The other layout was a struggle, but I'm happy now it's finished and it's another picture done for the albums (if they arrive, don't ask!)

Despite me feeling rubbish today, I am having a good day. The lovely Laura arrived with her hubby and their beautiful new baby daughter, who is just adorable. Shame I can't have a cuddle, but I do not want to pass on my illness to a defenceless little one.

And we also got to open our Secret Santa gifts, squeal! I totally adore mine, I absolutely love, love, love it! I'm a lucky girl! I think my recipient liked hers too (we are remaining secret), so job done!

And now for the ridiculous drive back home, which should be all kinds of awesome while feeling this rubbish.

Hopefully be back with more weekend photos once I'm home.

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Sarah said...

Love the kraft layout!! Hope the drive back is not too bad for you and feel better soon!! x