Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oooh I needed that!

I had the urge to scrap last night, and thanks to the lovely Rachel putting me together some page kits using my photos and a mix of mine and her stash (thank you lovely!) I steamed through four layouts! It felt great, I definitely needed and enjoyed that! I also got well on with a fifth but my mean husband wouldn't let me get the sewing machine out to finish it. It was only ten to midnight, I mean how rude!

Oh I am loving my iPhone, I snapped these pictures, Photoshopped them and uploaded them to my blog all from this slim, clever little device. How cool is that?!

As for the match yesterday, well, wow, it was awesome! What a sight walking into the packed stadium, it was like HD tv had come to life, so surreal. Anyway, I must be lucky as we smashed the opposition 4-1 which is almost unheard of for Leeds! Mind you, the other side, MK Dons, had three men sent off so that helped! Here are a couple of pics to add to my 'to scrap' pile, taken in Hipstamatic again but it really looks great here!

Been out exhibiting at a busy wedding fair all day, but got three appointments in the diary (one by yours truly!) and a baby portrait shoot booked to promote the re-launch of the studio so it's all good. Better get to bed as it will be a busy day at work tomorrow for sure (I have to go prop shopping at 9am for starters) and I'm shattered. Zzzzzzz.

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Rachel said...

wow they are great hun, you all set for saturday? still coming? got new photos to scrap? great you are enjoying your job so much x