Saturday, April 17, 2010

Back... with a new look

It's been too long (sorry!) but I'm finally back having had a wonderful blog makeover courtesy of my lovely friend Rachel/reward (thank you hun!). Rachel has also helped me with all the layouts I have posted photos of in this post, which will hopefully kick-start me into scrapping much more often than I have been doing of late (I blame my new-found addiction to knitting - curling up on the sofa with a ball of wool is too easy!)

All the photos on these layouts were taken during our trip to Florida in February. We all had a great time, especially Harry - Disney World was made for five-year-olds!

So, what else have I been up to since my last post? Gosh, so much really! I finished my job as a newspaper reporter yesterday, which was a massively brave step, and will be starting work as pr and marketing 'expert' for my mum and her partner's wedding photography businesses on Monday. I'm so excited! I get to spend more time with the boys, work nearer to home in a much less impossible job, and will have more money leftover after childcare and petrol too.

The boys are growing up so fast too. Harry is loving primary school and is a bundle of imaginative questions lately. Alex is his usual cheeky, clever self and coming on leaps and bounds. I'm very lucky. :)

So, seeing as Rachel has now shown me how to blog from my iPhone, I plan to blog a lot LOT more... watch this space!

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