Monday, April 19, 2010

Everything's looking posy

Three days running, I know! But lucky for you guys blogging has become so quick and simple, and I don't even need to switch the computer/ laptop on! So you SHALL be hearing a lot more from me!

Anyway, I'm back to show you my latest little creation - a knitted flower head, which I knit up last night from a new Ravelry pattern and attached it to a thin wool band to wear on my head. It's so cute and comfy, and quite quick to make, I love it! My latest make has been inspired by my friend Rachel/reward, who has launched her own Folksy store of equally gorgeous knitted headbands - and I hope this pattern will be a new addition very soon. Check out her total gorgeousness at

Oh and my first day in my new job went well, spent learning new software, business blogging and brainstorming in a stress-free manner - not like any Monday I've ever known! Fingers crossed it continues once the ball really gets going!

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