Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Today (or in less than two hours anyway, as I'm posting in advance) is WIP Wednesday with Tami's Amis.

I'm currently working in this sweet baby vest, which I started only in Sunday for my nephew, but am having to knit up quite quickly given that he is now 9 days overdue. Lazy boy lol! I knit one a few months back for a friend and this was meant to be similar with stripes, but it didn't somehow work out that way, so instead there's a chunky band of blue across the middle. I hope my sister likes it. I just have the arm holes to complete and it's a race now between me finishing and baby being born!

Here's a sneak peek so far:

Thanks to all who voted on my Heather or jade wool post. I think jade won by a vote or two and that is what I have gone for. It's a different wool, a Jarol chunky rather than Cygnet, but the colour choices were the same. I just hope I like it as much in the flesh and when I've knitted it up into my next Owls jumper - else I'm blaming you lot!

And on a final note, a huge congratulations to my good friend Rachel (blog link to the right --------> ) who has got engaged to her lovely fella. So exciting! Now I just need good baby news too and I'll be a happy Natalie :)



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