Saturday, January 08, 2011

Bad day Friday

Today started off like this...

Yet more snow. Joy. I'm not sure if the few more inches of snow we got in under a couple of hours oput me in a bad mood, or if I got out of the wrong side of bed, but then came the last straw. I managed to smack my car against a high kerb on the snow and ice and now my wheel is a complete mess. Thank goodness for the AA being so fast and helpful and my good nearby heroine friend Frances for also coming to my aid. It could have been worse, the bodywork could have been damaged, or worse still me or Alex, but I really could have done without a repair bill in the same month I have to shell out for full-time childcare but haven't yet got paid. Sigh. So looks like my car is off-road for a few weeks, which isn't so bad as hubby was going to drop me off and pick me up during my new job training anyway. Just next week to get through first.

So after spending my Christmas vouchers online (well my planned trip to the shops was foiled by the afore-mentioned incident), including buying these gorgeous winter mitts (because I can't yet knit fingers - only a thumb lol!) here's what I cracked on with tonight to cheer myself up...

I have been feeling really inspired lately by the super talents of certain scrapping friends and finally was brave enough to dig out some supplies and have a go at some wall decor. I picked these fab deep coloured frames up for just £1 each in my local new B&M store and I just love love love them. Definitely off back for more of those, I want them EVERYWHERE! Once all finished (can you ever be finished with photos and frames / a project like this?!) they will be hung on my new hallway/staircase/landing walls, which I am hoping to get painted from that awful buttermilk colour to clean crisp blank canvas white this weekend. I say 'hope' because I can feel my throat getting sore like I'm getting ill - now that really would be the icing on my cake today. Sigh.


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