Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Randoms on the countdown

Eeeeeek, only three days left til Christmas! Are you ready? I thought I was ready and had been wishing it was here already, but this week my to-do list just keeps on growing and now I'm starting to panic. At least I have now finished the Lupo beret for my sister, and thats the last knitted gift done (except for blocking a few things) thank goodness! I do not enjoy the decreasing rounds in the Lupo pattern - good job I love the finished item!

That's it blocking on a dinner plate and waiting to go in my airing cupboard. I want to keep it! I won't though (I think lol!).

It is so cold up here and I'm sure it's getting colder, so we're bound to be in for a White Christmas (can't see the snow we've had for weeks now vanishing before the big day). Look!

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Our heating is making some funny noises trying to keep us warm, which is bad news for our first real Christmas tree. It's really starting to wilt now and feels a bit dry, despite us watering it. I blame the nearby radiator, but we had no choice but to put it there and actually I don't think it's doing too bad considering we bought it almost four weeks ago (where has the time flown?!). And if it totally dies I'll just have to haul out the trusty artificial one lol!

One thing that is lasting (fingers crossed it doesn't get stolen!) is my wreath, which came all plain and has been decorated to look, well, a little prettier.

Right, bed time me thinks. I have a million things to do tomorrow so might not be able to make a WIP Wednesday post, but i will try to get some better daylight shots of the beret for a nice Christmas Eve FO Friday post.


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