Sunday, January 06, 2008

Keeping on top of my deadlines

Well I'm doing well so far and have been keeping on top of the challenges I signed up for. I've done all six prompts and photos for the 365 challenge so far (and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's LO prompt). I've made my A-Z art journal covers and completed the first letter, even though the challenge has only just started and there's a two-week turnaround. And I've also done the first Elsie challenge, which I tied in with my A-Z double LO.

I've re-done my 365 journalling notebook cover, well I had no choice after my son pulled the numbers and letters off. Think I actually prefer this version though (don't tell him that mind!)

I'll post the photos I've taken each week, seven in one go, otherwise I'll be spending all evening on the Internet and none getting any scrapping done, and all my good intentions will quickly disappear!
Bye for now. :)


TwinTrouble said...

I love your A-Z & Elsie challenge hun... really lovely!
I won't tell little man about you liking his helping mummy with re-doing the book... LOL

Helsbells said...

Love the cover and first layout. Really bright and vibrant :D

Eleni said...

Great layout!!!

Love that cover!!! :)

Alter Me said...

gorgeous work!!!!


Heather said...

looks fab!!

Amanda said...

Love your a-z page like how you put the pic within the d on your journal great idea

Marie said...

I love your albums, and your "A" Entry. I've never worked on 6x12 but always looks like a great size. Might have to try it some day soon. Lovely work.