Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I hadn't realised I hadn't updated my blog in more than a week! The time has flown. Our wedding anniversary party went really well, we got to see our good friends and the weather stayed mainly fine.

And then it was back to work for another two mad days before my week off this week. I'm really enjoying it so far. My husband is back at work and our son is back at nursery, so I'm enjoying a bit of 'me' time at last! Yesterday I finally got some scrapping done and completed the two LOs below. The first was my own design, although it's turned out looking like my usual simple-ish style, which I'm trying to get out of a bit (hurry up Amazon with my new scrapbooking books!) and the second is a class from the UKS Mardis Gras cyber crop by Debbie70 and absolutely lovely.

I've also been doing a bit of shopping, or should I say window shopping for lovely new accessories for our lovely new kitchen, which I have found and am going to order tomorrow. I can't wait for it to be done, although I'm sure it will be a major headache before it's finished to perfection! It was one of the first we saw and I knew I wanted it exactly like in the showroom, so that's what we are getting, within our budget too :)

So I have two days left to myself and plenty to do. I'm meeting a friend for coffee tomorrow and so Harry and her daughter can play together, then it's out to order the kitchen, and then I need to get back and start giving the living room a lick of paint. Then Thursday I need to fly over to Sheffield to pick some albums up from a fellow UKSer who kindly picked some up for me in her local Costco. It's going to work out cheaper to collect them than pay for postage, and I get to check out where I went to college more than five years ago and see how much it has changed. And somewhere in between all that I have to finish decorating my Robox, again. All the paint is chipping off really easily, so I've decided to cover it all in a lovely light card in shiny turquoise. The bottom half wasn't too tricky to do but the top half is not going to be fun!

Oh well, Lost is on in five minutes so I'll say night night. Catch you all soon :)

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