Friday, June 19, 2009

And in other news...

Well it has been a busy kinda week, so I haven't seen much scrapping action I'm afraid. I do have my excuses though! For one I have been busy making a nappy cake and card for my neighbour, who had a little girl on Monday. I so can't wait to meet her.

I don't normally make cards, because it takes me too long to find inspiration (I seriously lack it with cardmaking), choose the elements and put it all together. But seeing as Harry had lost the one I'd bought I had no choice in the matter! But I'm really pleased to say I literally just pulled out a few bits and pieces, stuck it all down, and 20 minutes later I had this pretty card (which looks better in real life than in my poor photo by the way!). I also got to use one of the pretty new punches my lovely mum brought me back from Florida, along with lots of yummy Scrapbook Boutique goodies. I must get started on those.

I have also been finalising my back-to-work plans and today I've had confirmation that my flexible working request has been accepted, so I'm really pleased about that. I have seven more weeks left at home and then it's back to work, which I'm not really looking forward to, but thankfully my revised hours will allow me to earn a decent living to give the kids a good lifestyle while also being around to give them their dinner, bath and bedtime story and watch them grow up. I'm still going to miss them so much, especially little Alex, and I just hope he gets on ok with our childminder and without me.

Right, hopefully the next time I update I'll have a layout to show you - I'll try my best anyway!

Natalie x

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Clare said...

Glad you've got your flex working agreed! It's so hard leaving them isn't it? But good that you can be there for bedtime and things!