Thursday, April 19, 2007

I think she's on a roll!

It's only Thursday, and already this week I've completed three LOs and a CJ DLO entry - I think this is a record for me! Maybe it's my new-found confidence that I've realised I can cut into a gorgeous piece of paper and create something just as lovely from it, or maybe it's all the photos that dh has been taking, and also recovering from the broken pc storage box. Anyway, having suffered from scrapper's block recently, this is a very welcome change!

This LO was completed just a few hours after I received the ScrapaGoGo kit - as soon as I opened it and feasted my beady little eyes on it I knew I had to use it straight away. And this picture dh took of Harry playing in the park last weekend was perfect. I've used a lot of journalling for probably the first time, but I'm glad I got down some feelings about Harry and my hopes for his future.

And this is a CJ entry for my Handbags and Gladrags team - no peeking if you are a member!

Back soon I hope!


1 comment:

Claire said...

I know how beady your eyes were when you opened that yellow box, cos mine nearly fell out!! What truly wonderful LOs hun well done they are lovely. keep it up