Sunday, June 24, 2012

Woolfest 2012

I haven't blogged in so long I know. Things have been so hard this year and I really haven't been able to or sadly even wanted to come on here and pretend like everything is hunky dory when it isn't.

But enough of that. Things are gradually getting a little better - well I'm here now aren't I?

Anyway, I thought now was as good a time as any to revive my blog seeing as me and some fabulous girlies have just enjoyed an epic day out at Woolfest 2012.

Me, Naomi, Kate & Hannah set off very early yesterday with the other dedicated Baa Ram Ewe day trippers and headed by coach for the (very wet and waterlogged) lake district for this year's Woolfest, which was bigger and better than ever.

We had a fab time chatting, shopping and soaking up so much awesome inspiration. We met the lovely lady owner of Laal Bear as well as helpful people from Fyberspates & Easy Knits. These were my favourite stalls of all thanks to the overwhelming displays of gorgeous, colourful skeins available for us to squish and buy and take home and love forever.

It was a long day - I left the house at 7am and got back at 10pm - but as always it was totally worth it. I am so pleased with my purchases and the fact I came in under the budget I set myself (money raised for Woolfest through eBay selling). I bought a few beautiful skeins of yarn, some beads and crochet hooks for adding beads to knitted projects and some gorgeous patterns, which I can't wait to knit up.

Although, before I do that, I really should try actually putting in some knitting hours and possibly finishing a bunch of other WIPs first, groan.


Krafty Kows said...

Glad that things are looking up and that you had a good day out. Jeanette

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear you've not been having a great year so far, but lovely to see you back blogging about your trip!!x