Thursday, November 15, 2007

Holidays are coming!

Getting into the Christmas spirit a bit now, which is very unlike me at this stage in the year. No doubt I will be fed up of it all by Christmas Eve. Anyway, I have been busy making cards, tree decorations and even a 3D advent calendar using matchboxes, which is part of my design team assignment at - the challenge will go live to you guys on Monday, check it out as it's a goodie!

Not much else to say really, work is really difficult at the moment so just don't feel too chatty. Hopefully normality will resume soon!



Rosie said...

That's a stunning advent calendar - love it!

Tracie Hudson said...

Love your tree Nat :)

humbug said...

love the advent calendar - i am in the process of making three!!!

hope they end up looking as good as yours :wub:

Sally Dawkins said...

hey hun, love the work, tis BRILL!!!!! and the advent calender especially is FABBY!!!!!

Sorry to hear work is a bit poo, hope it gets better soon, and you will have a Fabby Christmas especially haveing a little one around, (hugs) for Nat, hope you are ok.

sally xxx