Sunday, December 10, 2006

Back again

Hi all, hope everyone had a good weekend. I've been a busy bee. Friday night was my company Christmas do and my colleagues and myself had a great time dancing until 3am! You wouldn't believe how quiet those two are at work, but boy can they really let their hair down! Then yesterday was the December Leeds crop, which I was one hour late to having gone to bed so late the night before, or should that be that morning! A hangover seemed to help though as I finally got my design team Christmas LO done after being stuck on it for well over a week and another LO using one of the huge pile of Harry's younger baby pictures.

So it was quite a productive day really. Then today we've stayed home and put up the Christmas tree - I've even wrapped a few presents to go under it.

I must say I'm not really in the Christmas mood yet, it still seems a tad early and having no money in December is no fun either. I also have to work right up until Christmas Eve, well the Thursday, and then it's back straight after Boxing Day. It will happen though, and I'm sure this Christmas is going to be great once I can relax and enjoy it.

Bye for now :)


Pam said...

very energetic for someone with a hangover- I retreat to bed with a couple of aspro clears when I am in that condition, and beleive me it doesn't tale much for me to get a hangover- two glasses of wine.. sad really cause I love wine. Great tree btw

Hysteri-CAL said...

...... and I need a huuuuge fry up and millions of cans of coke when I have a hangover !!!

Your tree looks lubberly ! xx

Claire said...

oooh love your tree, I must post a piccie of mine on my blog!!

hhmm fry up im jealous

tracy-lihanne said...

oh, a good ole british fry up...i do miss them!!
fab tree, such a shame were not putting one up this year.

Joanne Bain said...

Beautiful tree. Your layouts and other projects are just beautiful.

Best Wishes